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The Machamp seemed more than happy to show off for a picture. It raised its upper arms and flexed them as I took a quick snapshot. It grinned at me before turning around and going back to its work. I was glad it hadn't decided to start a fight with me - I didn't really have any wish to capture it, and seeing as I was in a Trainer capacity at the moment there were few good reasons for battling a Pokemon if you didn't intend to capture it.

Ivy led me into the caves and the sudden darkness was a very jarring change from the whiteness of the snow fields. She pulled out a torch to help her see, but I just activated the night vision on my visor. I felt some warmth at my back, and I could see that both Sasha and Dual had ignited their hands to use like torches. Meta hovered over my head, seeing as the tunnel was not wide enough to allow us to walk side by side. He'd probably have to return to his ball soon, but he was fine for now.

When Ivy flicked on the flashlight, I saw that a very young Smoochum had grabbed Haji playfully by the nose. Haji was very patient, so I wasn't particularly worried, but I could tell by the way his tail flicked every few seconds that he wasn't particularly pleased by this turn of events.

“Want to catch this one and save poor Haji?” Ivy laughed.

"I have a better idea," I said. I pulled out a PokeDoll and walked over to the Smoochum, kneeling down in front of it. There was no reason to fight the little baby Pokemon - it was nicer to give it a gift.

"How about you let our friend go and take this, little one?" I asked it, holding the plush toy out for the Ice-type to take.
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