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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Eli the Shinx
Lost Icelands

Helix had safely teleported us out of the vicinity of the blast, and for once, I felt safe. We were what seemed to be an iceland, but, at least here, we wouldn't be an easy target. The snow was too thick for accurate visibility, only silhouettes were visible.

Helix had noticed my 'courage', as he had called it, and said the words I had always dreamed of hearing:

"I offer you to become an official member of the Elite Squad." I froze at the speech he had given, and how he had ended it. My mind was racing, was I dreaming about this moment? "Do you accept?" I was at a loss for words, for so long had I been wishing for this...

At that moment, another Garchomp appeared, but it was completely different to the one I had dragged away from the explosion. It had explained that it had followed us ever since we awoke, as well as asking us why we were here and such.

I took a breath, my mind racing way too fast for my comfort. The intensity of the Discharge from earlier, and the fact that I had just pushed an unconscious Garchomp so far with what little ounce of strength I had left was trying. The fact that I was standing now was pushing me to my limits.

The snow looked so soft, so pure... It looked like a perfect place to sleep, a perfect place to... I fell to the ground, not necessarily unconscious, but tired; extremely tired. An Oran berry wouldn't help, I needed to rest. Unlike the others, I wasn't used to these situations, therefore the only cure for me at this very moment was to sleep...

((@goldinium7: Speaking on behalf of Helix is bunnying Mick's character, which is against Pe2k roleplaying rules. Try to avoid doing it, yeah? =P))

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