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This bro is going to Zak for his Rhyperior

16EMs + 1HM + DW Ability


Gender: Male
Ability: Chlorophyll or Leaf Guard
Dream World Ability: Regenerator
Type: Grass
Level-up Moves: Ingrain, Constrict, Sleep Powder, Absorb, Growth, PoisonPowder, Vine Whip, Bind, Mega Drain, Stun Spore, Knock Off, Ancientpower, Natural Gift, Slam, Tickle, Wring Out, Power Whip, Block
EMs: TM Energy Ball, HM Strength, TM Focus Blast, TM Shock Wave, TM Giga Drain, TM Substitute, TM Earthquake, TM Brick Break, TM Swords Dance, TM Solarbeam, TM Hidden Power (ICE), TM Sludge Bomb, TM Return, TM Payback, TM Psych Up, BM Amnesia, BM Endeavor
Obtained: Trade with WTP for Yanmega
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