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Default Re: Individual RP: WinterVines


Ranger Chainy


"No, I think we'll fight," Ivy said. I shrugged, and watched as she pulled a PokeBall out of her vest. She threw it down to the ground, and a flash of red temporarily blinded me. When I regained my vision, I saw Ivy's Crobat hovering around her. It chittered happily, obviously pleased to be out of its ball.

“Hey, Haxbat, looks like you're up for this one,” Ivy said to it. I also noticed that she was shooting me a sidelong look. During our last run together, Haxbat had been somewhat pivotal to our conflict. However, I felt fine. I couldn't deny that I felt a little uncomfortable around the bat, but I no longer felt the debilitating fear I once had. I hear a frenzied murmuring and turned around to see Sasha looking at the huge purple bat with fear in her eyes. Dual was quick to reassure her though, and from the way he was pointing at the Crobat's wings and body he was probably teaching the Medicham how to bring it down.

“He looks kinda like a bully, so he might fight dirty. Be on the lookout for that, and try to stay out of his range. That grip is really strong, and I don't want him crushing your wing or something. Start out with a Haze. Make it foggy enough to hide yourself. Then take to the air and do some Plotting on the way up. If he can think nastily, so can we," Ivy said.

As Ivy continued to give her orders, the Crobat began to fly up into the air, and gray mist started to cover it. Particles of snow drifted up into the air and began to enshroud the purple bat, hiding it from sight. The Machop looked over and saw us, as well as the cloud that was gathering and flying up into the air. Its eyes narrowed and it grinned. The human-shaped Pokemon took a few steps forward and raised its hand up in front of it, like it was praying. It suddenly began to move its hands around, making them into interesting shapes the breaking them and forming new ones. After six or so of the hand-signs, it raised its right hand to its mouth and blew a deep breath up towards the cloud. Surprisingly, a tongue of fire bellowed out of his hand, reaching up and searing through the cloud. The Haze was partially dispelled, and the Machop got a few glimpses of its opponent. I could tell by its wide eyes that it didn't like was it was seeing.

Haxbat began to hum really loudly, and purple orbs of gunk launched high into the air. The Machop began to panick, but it didn't lose control of itself yet. It raised both of its arms high into the air and a bright blue barrier appeared in-between its palms and the sky. The first Sludge Bomb splattered all over the Light Screen. The second and third hit the snow around the Machop, hissing as the poison ate away at the snow. Lucky for Ivy the toxins wouldn't reach the ground - if the poisonous material got into the soil we could be in for some serious trouble.

The barrage of Sludge Bombs continued like mortar shells, only about one in four actually striking the Machop's shield, but the rest began to create a hazardous swamp of poisonous material. Considering the Machop was a physical attacker, he was at a large disadvantage. Then again, he was already on the wrong foot considering he couldn't hit the flier.


Current Battle Statistics:

??? Male Machop: 71%, LS-1 (used Flamethrower, Light Screen)

Careful Male Crobat: 93%, SATK+2 (used Haze, Nasty Plot, Sludge Bomb)


Trainer Statistics:

Name: Ivy Frost
Location: Mount Oktori
Area Effects: N/A
Pokemon Encountered: Docile Swinub(F); ??? Tyrogue(?); ??? Machop(?)
Pokemon Captured: Docile Swinub(F)
CC since last Encounter: 3711 / 9000

Pokemon Statistics:

Haji (M) - Espeon - 100%
Ability: Magic Bounce
Nature: Calm
TM/HM: Hidden Power Fire, Grass Knot, Shadow Ball, Skill Swap, Sunny Day, Calm Mind, Reflect, Light Screen, Substitute, Protect, Psyshock
BM/SM/MT: Heal Bell, Stored Power, Signal Beam, Growth

Haxbat (M) - Crobat - ACTIVE
Ability: Infiltrator
Nature: Careful
TM/HM: U-turn, Roost, Protect, Taunt, Sludge Bomb, Hidden Power Grass, Steel Wing
BM/SM/MT: Quick Attack, Brave Bird, Nasty Plot, Heatwave, Super Fang, Hypnosis, Zen Headbutt

Ambipom (M) - 69%
Ability: Technician
Nature: Jolly
TM/HM: Ice Punch, Brick Break, Thunder Wave, Taunt, U-turn, Low Sweep, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Water Pulse, Aerial Ace, Work Up
BM/SM/MT: Fake Out, Seed Bomb

Candle (F) - Chandelure - 100%
Ability: Flame Body
Nature: Brave
TM/HM: Flame Charge, Calm Mind, Hidden Power Electric
BM/SM/MT: None

Item Statistics:

Digital Camera, Super Potion x5, Full Heal x2, Hyperball x2, Superball x2, Parkball x4, Intermediate Voice Disk (Drilbur), Uncommon Voice Disk (Mienfoo), Uncommon Voice Disk (Meditite), Blank Disk, Poképlayer, Max Revive x2

URPG Stats

Ranger Chapter | Referee Chapter | Grader Chapter
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