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Default Changes :D

So some changes have been made to the Park, all. Here they are in no particular order:

1) Biggest change is to Voice Discs and the PokePlayer. Players are now 5k and the Voice Discs themselves are permanent and reusable. Because of that their prices have gone up as well; 5k for Common, 6k for Uncommon, and 7k for Intermediate. From now on just specify what voice you want on the Disc when you buy it and for every run thereafter, mention in your application @ the Front Gate if you want to re-record the Disc. It is 1.5k for each time you re-record a Disc. The PokePlayer still plays 3 Discs 5 times each before being disabled. Blank Discs still work the same way they did before. If you have any questions just ask me :3.

2) You can now officially have multiple SUs, but only official Park Rangers can have Ranger characters.

3) Accelgor and Escavalier have been moved from the Botanic Garden to The Woods.

4) Sigilyph is now an Intermediate Mon instead of an Uncommon one.

5) WinterVines has been added to the Active Ranger Tester list.

6) Several inactive Rangers have been added to the Inactive Ranger list.

7) The note in the ParkPedia saying Trainers can only enter the Park once a week was removed, as was the one saying Rangers could only have one Trainer each.

Whewt for things being updated!
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