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Default Re: Pyroboy74--Hippopotas--Urban


[-] Jynx
Ability: Forewarn
Health: 76
Energy: 86

[Cronos] Hippopotas
Ability: Sand Stream
Health: 32
Energy: 43
-1 ACC.

Jynx attacked again. Moving forward, her dress dragging behind her, she was able to get close enough to attack. A long tongue suddenly shot from her mouth. The pink tongue slapped underneath Cronos' chin. From there she licked all the way up his face till, the tongue came off at his ears. Cronos shivered as the drool seemed strangely chill.
[Lick; Jynx: -2 Energy | Hippopotas: -2 Health]

He would get back at her though. He had a special attack ready. He prepared by forcing a large rock out of the ground. Now... Wait. Cronos had no clue as to what to do. He doesn't learn Rock Throw.
[Rock Throw; Hippopotas: -8 Energy | Jynx: -]

[Sandstorm; Hippopotas: - | Jynx: -6 Health]

[-] Jynx
Ability: Forewarn
Health: 70
Energy: 84

[Cronos] Hippopotas
Ability: Sand Stream
Health: 30
Energy: 35
-1 ACC.


1- Attack.
2- Attempt capture.
3- Run.

You have 18 Safari Points left.