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Default Re: Best Pokemon Opening Theme?

So you wanna be a master?
Do ya have the skills to

Its a whole new world we live in~
Pokemon Jhoto.
Everybody wants to be a master;
Everybody wants to show thier skills.
Everybody wants to get there faster;
Make thier way to the top of the hill.

...Something something something...
My whole life has lead to this, a time to test my skills.
...Something something something....
Born to be a winner
Born to be a champion
Born to be a winner, born to be the very best
[Pokemon Jhoto]
Born to be a winner!

I guess you can tell which ones is my favorite... >_>
I like both the ones for Jhoto, too, they sound great, and the Indigo Leauge one is my second favorite.
Those are the three that I absolutley love, and the rest are either... eh, really mushy (It doesn't matter black or white, your heart always knows whats right, its not about win or lose, its the path you choose, let the journey begin! POKEMON! Me: o_e), or ARRGH MY EAARS!
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