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/too lazy to read pages of posts.
Originally Posted by Beyourownhero View Post
I never got the honor D':
Psssssssssssssssssssh. You know you're my first, and only. And I'm not talking about sex.
Originally Posted by White Knight View Post
3m0d0ll? Liking a noob? Not possible.
Quoted for truth. \m/
Originally Posted by MoonKit View Post
Penut butter is the third best thing that happened tothis planet, with first being Jojos, second being Pringles, and fourth is snowcones/slushie things.
OH DEM PRINGLES. Share with me. <33

Also, I have a blister on the back of my heel because I walked 5 miles day-before-yesterday around the mall near my house, then ate tthree plates of $4 all-you-can-eat pancakes at Denny's. I'm so fat. 8DDD
I need a new sig, uhg.
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