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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

Originally Posted by Sylver View Post
Basically, the gist of the prelude is this:

Natural Evolution turns Keatons and Pokemon into humanoid/anthro forms, although there are still feral forms.

Evil Keatons enslave Hylians, Gorons, Zoras, etc., force them to work on opening the pathway to Hyrule in the waterway under the Clock Tower.

Good Keatons attempt to free enslaved races and vanquish evil Keatons and fail.

Evil Keatons seal the powers of the good Keatons and open vortex that was supposed to trap good Keatons in a pocket dimension, plan fails unknowingly and good Keatons instead land in the world of pokemon, where the magic presence cause many to gain magic power.

Keatons now have no known way back home.

The gist of the RP features:

You can be a good Keaton or Pokemon in the RP, as well as neutral or evil.

Zelda enemies have been entering through one-way magic rifts (Lizalfos, Wolfos, Gibdos, etc.)

Midieval weaponry (Swords, Bows, Maces, etc.) and magic spells are the main method of fighting, but pokemon can use their Moves as well.

Pokemon items and Zelda items are available for use by characters.

and more to come later.

Ah may want to flesh out simply just for the sake of those who arne't too familiar with the Zelda info you're using. :3

Can feral Pokemon use these weapons as well or is it ust humanoids? And by entering through one way rifts, you mean into the Pokemon world correct? Is the anthro/humanoid form the only bit of magic Pokemon get?

The more simpy you explain things, the better. I think this is a good idea and you should keep at it. ^^
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