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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Night the Umbreon and Bruce the Hitmonlee
Lost Icelands

Bruce went to go check on Night and saw the giant statue the next moments were such a blur: the statue came to life, it beat up Garchomp, Voltorbs and Electrodes were everywhere, Helix was back and starting to teleport, and next thing they knew they were in an icy nowhere.
" You do this everyday?" Bruce asked Night.
" Just today. I love snow reminds me of Glaceon's Blizzard, we never had snow in our village." said Night. They looked over to see Helix telling everyone to find food. Night started pushing around snow when he saw 2 Garchomp. One was the one from the prision and the other he had never seen before. The mysterious Garchomp started to talk to Helix Night kept an eye out incase either of the Garchomp tried anything funny.
Bruce on the other hand was looking around and found a small tattered backpack and decided to store the revive Night gave him and the oran berry he found in the prision. He walked around and looked around and found a few jellybeans frozen in ice. He ran back to the group and saw a Garchomp he used Hi Jump Kick and just missed. Night ran up to him and yelled " Don't attack, that's a different Garchomp!"
" I'm very sorry and Helix I found some jellybeans." Bruce said slightly embarrased.
He walked back with Night and they both sat down and ate a jellybean.

(OOC: I just realised something , How does Hitmonlee talk? and how long have we been out here)
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