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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

Keiru was slightly surprised when Ashley got in his way, and he couldn't stop himself as his claws raked across her front. Even if he was thinking straight he wouldn't of been able to stop them. Ashley fell to the floor in the pool of her blood, and something snapped inside Keiru, realising who he had just hurt, and how badly they were hurt. A tremendous howl escaped him, as he fell onto his knees staring at Ashley's body. His eyes had returned to the normal crimson colour, as rage boiled within Keiru.

Keiru didn't stay any longer, bursting off into the trees just as Kotomi arrived, following the scent of the witch, which Keiru, with his improved sense of smell could just barely catch the faintest whiff of. Keiru soon found himself in the town once more, and he didn't care who saw him as he bounded down the streets. Two figures appeared in front of him, one of them slamming a fist into his chest, sending him hurtling backwards. Upon recovering, he looked at the two figures, noticing they were dressed completely in black, with leather jackets on, and sunglasses. Their scent caught his nostrils instantly, and he realised they were vampires.

"Seems the mistress' pet is being disobedient. We'll have to put it down." the one on the left said.

Keiru snarled in response, charging forward, spinning past the knife that was flung by the vampire on the right, the blade of the knife just scraping his face, before he wrapped his arms around the vampire on the left's neck, and snapped it in one swift move. A sharp pain hit Keiru as a small knife embedded itself into his right arm, and he gripped the dead vampire's body, using it as a shield as a flurry of knives flew towards him, all becoming embedded in the dead vampire. Keiru dropped the vampire to the floor, charging forward, slamming his claws through the skull of the vampire, the vampire collapsing in a pathetic heap on the floor.

A triumphant howl exploded from Keiru, as he charged down the street, several people staring in shock from the other side of the road at what they had just witnessed, several of them whipping out their phones, dialling the police. Several minutes passed by, sirens blared, splitting the relative silence in the air. The cop car sped down the road, slowing down upon sighting Keiru, who turned his head to look back at the car, which drew up alongside him. The cop in the passenger seat opened the window, aiming his pistol at Keiru, and fired off a round, the bullet piercing his shoulder. A yelp of pain escaped his lips as anger raged within.

Keiru launched himself at the cop, his teeth snapping at the cop's shoulders, pulling a chunk out of the cop's right shoulder, and before he could get himself back in the car, pulled the cop out of the cop, and threw him across the street, his body crashing into the wall, dying upon impact from the sheer force. Keiru leapt on top of the police car, smashing the windscreen, and swiping at the driver, his claws piercing the driver's chest and throat. The car began to lose control, Keiru jumping off, landing on the pavement just as the police car hit the curb at the wrong angle and went flipping onto its side, smashing through into a lamp post, coming to a stop at the lamp post.

Keiru was deeply enraged due to what he had been forced to do to Ashley, and thus he could barely contain himself, and anybody getting in his way was at risk of dying. Keiru could be considered to have less control over himself in his current state than he had when the witch was controlling him. Keiru soon came to the town square, where an assortment of eight cop cars was positioned in a semi-blockade against Keiru, and the sixteen cops had taken defensive positions behind the car doors, aiming their pistols at Keiru, who howled in anger.

Several more cop cars arrived, as at least a further eight cops joined the fray, opening fire upon Keiru who charged forward, taking the bullets that actually managed to hit him. Out of nowhere, a dozen vampires appeared, killing several police, meanwhile a police helicopter circled overhead, the sniper in the back of the chopper firing off a round, the bullet piercing the skull of a vampire, sending it crumpling to the floor. One of the vampires unleashed a large ball of flame, which smashed into the back rotor of the chopper, melting away the rotor. The chopper began to lose control, spinning wildly, before smashing into a nearby building, a loud explosion splintering the air as debris spewed everywhere, and flames rose into the sky.

Four heavy duty riot vans came streaming into the town square, when suddenly a werewolf slammed into the one riot van, sending it onto its side, smashing into a nearby wall of a shop, sending debris everywhere, as flames billowed from the wreckage. The other three riot vans came to a halt, spewing out half a dozen riot police adorned in heavy combat gear and wielding assault rifles and submachine guns. Half a dozen Werewolves came blundering down into the town square, accompanied by a further seven vampires, chaos exploding as the police opened fire upon the werewolves and vampires. Bodies fell all over the place, as several cars exploded due to being hit by a stray bullet that ignited the fuel tank, or by a misfired ball of fire from a vampire.

Keiru gripped a police car with his claws, lifting it up, the metal being torn asunder by his claws, before flinging the car in the direction of a group of werewolves and vampires. Their bodies were crushed beneath the car which exploded as it smashed into a riot van. The police were dropping like flies, and they wouldn't survive much longer. Keiru span past a fireball, tearing the arms off the vampire that fired the ball at him, and beat the vampire down with its own arms, before discarding the arms, slitting the throat of a nearby cop.

A riot van exploded, killing the last few cops near it, as well as several vampires and werewolves. Only a couple of werewolves, and three vampires were left alive, the rest of their comrades' bodies littering the town square as Keiru squared up against the living supernatural beings. The three vampires charged at him, whilst the one werewolf stayed back whilst the other werewolf charged at Keiru.

Keiru snapped the neck of the first vampire, using its body to decapitate the second vampire, before ripping the legs off the third vampire, flinging them away, before disembowling the werewolf that had charged at him. It was now just Keiru and the last remaining werewolf, the two glaring at each other, and if looks could kill then they would both be corpses lying on the floor. The werewolf made the first move, leaping at Keiru, the two rolling around on the ground, slashing at each other, snapping at one another with their teeth in an attempt to bite the other's neck. Scratches littered Keiru's body, blood seeping out of them, pain riddling his body, but his anger, and the sheer amount of adrenaline pumping through him, kept him going, fighting off the pain.

Keiru gripped the werewolf's arms, snapping their arms, loud crunches rendering the air as the werewolf's elbows pierced its own skin, the white very noticeable against its brown fur. In one quick move, the werewolf no longer had any arms, the arms being discarded on top of the nearby cop car's roof, landing with a thud on the bonnet, before Keiru headbutted the werewolf, causing it to fall off of him, and struggle to get back onto its feet as Keiru stood over it, slamming his foot down upon its skull, causing its movement to cease. Keiru's howl echoed through the town, leaving somewhat of a signal to where he was, as if he were being tailed, they would have the rough idea of where he was due to the sound of his howl.

Keiru continued on his way, soon coming to the warehouse the witch was using as a base. The witch had been waiting for him, smirking at him as he arrived. Alongside her were the last remaining living werewolf under her service, and around fifteen vampires, of varying strengths. Keiru could sense immense power from one of the vampires, the power of this particular vampire being just barely below the power of Klaus. Keiru's eyes widened as he stared at the powerful Vampire, a laugh escaping from the witch's mouth.

"I see you noticed I have with me a very powerful vampire indeed." the witch smirked. "You see, Alek here is one of the very first vampires converted by the Originals, so of course he would be pretty powerful. Alek, why don't you show off your strength?"

Alek stepped forward, unleashing a fiery typhoon of flames upon Keiru, the flames smashing into his body, sending him hurtling backwards, landing with a thud on the floor, his fur slightly scorched. Keiru struggled to get back up, and was suddenly lifted off the ground and sent flying through a nearby building within a mere second, bricks flying everywhere. Keiru crashed into a wall, coming to a stop, before being grabbed by Alek once more, and then flung back where he had just been. Alek suddenly returned to where he had just been standing alongside the group of vampires, the werewolf and the witch, and stared emotionlessly at Keiru who staggered back to his feet.

"My, aren't you a foolish one. Learn to stay down you cur." the witch snarled. "Jurgen, he's all yours."

Jurgen, the werewolf, stepped forward, glaring at Keiru, the two staring at one another, awaiting the other to make a move.
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