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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

Originally Posted by Sylver View Post
I've been thinking of starting an RP here for a while. Hope people here will be interested.

RP Title: --
RP Fandom Basis: Pokemon-based primary, but with Keaton from Zelda.
Opening Plot and Exposition: Dozens of millenia have past since the event's of Majora's Mask, and the Keaton race, once secluded and hidden, have evolved into humanoid form. Wielders of powerful magic, Keaton with evil hearts moved to force control over Termina and attempt to open the passageway to Hyrule. A small force of Keaton banded together to stop them, but were captured and cast into a vortex.
Awakening, the Keaton fighters found themselves in a different world- the world of Pokemon- with no apparent way back, their once strong abilities sealed away. In the world of Pokemon, Humans are no longer around, and Pokemon have evolved into humanoid forms as well, living in the world as they themselves began to be touched by magic.
Now, the Keaton youths, finding more of their kind in this new world, must find a way home and protect their world from the black-hearted Keaton that cast them here.
Inspiration: I loved Keaton in Majora's Mask and pokemon, and I liked the ideas of steampunk-style games, high-tech but relying on archaic weaponry to fight.
Where I need help: I've never really tried creating an RP before, so if anyone could give me help or any advice as to how to carry on. Also, I need help with the title if anyone can think of anything.
I think this is an interesting idea. And I'm sosososososooooo glad people are using this.

Anyway, I'm not too too familiar with Majora's Mask. The game made me rage as a kid...moving on, I'm wondering how the world of Pokemon you mention, ends up being connected with this other world. Such as explaining more of how regular Pokemon started to turn into humanoids with the magic, like, how it worked to turn them like that. Also do they get any other powers being touched by the magic? Are there normal Pokemon that didn't change into humanoids but are magic touched? Do these other Pokemon get special powers?

I ask lots of questions yes.
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