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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Eli the Shinx
Inside the PokePrison

I stood there, barely, watching as my plan was falling to pieces. Lupper had been flung out of the Prison by the huge force that was Seismic Toss, leaving the Regirock victorious against my failed plan. The Garchomp, although paralyzed, was able to summon Voltorb and Electrode bombers, who would soon explode from Self-Destruct. Fear began to sink into my stomach, my weak body unable to take all of this that the Squad did on a daily basis.

Helix had ordered us to retreat from the wooden fortress, but I waited behind, so I could be the last one out. This was so I could check to see if anybody else was falling behind. As I waited, I watched the Regigigas stomp over to the Garchomp, each step it took forcing the fortress to shake, its foundations threatening to give way. It pummeled Garchomp with an Ice Punch, knocking it out in one swift movement. The Regigigas and its comrades began to hold up the fortress, in an attempt to keep it stabilized.

"We owe you, Elite Squad. We are in your debt," they stated in unison, their robotic-like voices melting together to create one harmonic voice. I nodded my thanks and began to make my way out of the building, but then I had to stop. The Garchomp would be killed in the blast, I couldn't just leave it there...

Knowing that the Voltorb and Electrode bombers would probably be alright after their Self-Destruction, as all Pokemon usually were, I placed my head underneath the armpit of the Garchomp and began to, with extreme difficulty, push it out of the prison.

Just before the fortress exploded, I was able to push the Garchomp into the field that Helix had provided, which I assumed would teleport us away from the vicinity.

"Don't make any complaints, just go!" I yelled over the quickening beeps from the bombers inside. I knew some Squad members would disagree with the fact that I had rescued the Garchomp, but now was not the time to act on their thoughts.

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