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Default Re: What is your Ruby/Sapphire Emerald Team?

sapphire team:
rayquaza 82
kyogre 86
-water spout
-ice beam
magneton 80
-lock-on (dont know why )
-tri attack
banette 68♂
-faint attack
-shadow ball
salamence 56 ♂
milotic 32 ♀ training
-ice beam

sapphire battle tower team
smeargle 50
-sheer cold

-metal claw

-rest (with lum berry)
-aurora beam

NOTE: please don't tell me these are bad moves, i know they are. i like collecting TMs
UBERS RULE!!! (lengendarys rule)

MAGNETON RULES!!! because sp. atk rules! and magnets rule too

special moves > physical moves!
magneton > every other pokémon!
saphire > ruby

credit serebii for the icon
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