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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Lupper the Piplup
Outside the Pokemon Prison

Lupper was glad to see the rest of the team quickly fall in and assist. They all worked together well and efficent. Lupper now had to do his part and take down the Regirock. Lupper used Aqua Jet to slam into Regirock but it did not budge. Regirock then charged up a ball of electrical energy which slammed into Lupper making him crash into a few walls. He slowly stood up but then was hit with another Zap Cannon. Lupper's body was surging with raw electrical energy, the Regirock stood in front of him and used Zap Cannon again which made Lupper faint. Regirock carried Lupper back into the battlefield. Regirock used Seismic Toss and launched Lupper into the air and out of the prison. Lupper slammed hard as he hit the ground outside the prison. Lupper was fully fainted. Why am I so team needs me...they...

Helix the Gallade and Heart the Togekiss
Outside the Pokemon Prison

Helix then awoke slowly but surely. His entire body was aching but he forced himself up. He used Recover on himself and Heart to make them feel better once again. Heart then stood up as well. They both headed out back to the battle going on in the courtyard. "That is quite enough! I've had enough of you punks! It's time to end this! Self destruct sequence initiate!" Garchomp yelled. Then hundreds of Voltorbs and Electrodes emerged. They began to charge up to use Self Destruct. "Everyone we have to get out of here!" Heart shouted. Helix then looked around and saw Lupper no where to be found. "Heart I need you to fly out of here and search for a small Piplup. He is Lupper an important member of the squad. Find him and take yourself and him far away to safety. Go North. We shall all try to meet up somewhere there," Helix explained.

Heart then quickly flew out and found Lupper a few feet outside of the prison. She grabbed him with her feet and began flying North rapidly. I hope Helix knows what he is doing...

Helix then launched a Hyper Beam which made a big hole in the Prison wall. "Everyone we have to get out of here! Run as fast as you can! Grab any member you can that might be knocked out and run! This place will soon explode and we can't be here when that happens!" Helix shouted. Helix then quickly ran outside. He ran a few feet then had an idea. He began creating a huge teleportation field which would send him and anyone inside far away. "Alright! Everyone get in here! Hurry!" Helix shouted.
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