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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Flare the Charmeleon and Jack the Riolu

"Hey umm Umbreon?" Flare turned back to the giant statue. Charmeleon went closer towards the statues but was weakened by the dark sphere. It was draining his colour so he jumped quickly out. His colour returned. "It must be one of the sphere that imbolizes legendarys. But why would he be a statue if he is already immobilized". Suddenly the Regice came in and accidently rushed into the dark sphere. It lost its colour before Flares eyes. Then Regigigas started gaining colour back faintly. "That's it. Everyone get the Regis here. This guy beat Garchomp and maybe get rid of this prison."

Jack was starting to wake up thanks to the revive. He heard a shout from Flare. The Registeel was coming this way. "Hey Registeel I got a score to settle" jack shot an Aura Sphere forcing the Registeel into the walls of to the statue. Registeel collapsed in front of the statue. "I think I used to m uch aura in that attack" Jack started feeling faint.
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