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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Route 1

...OK, NOW he'd be cool with Robert taking the Pokemon.

"OK, we're all idiots. Robert's an idiot for suggesting a fistfight to a person that's smarter than to be lured into possibly a four-on-one brawl, Grunty over there's an idiot for pointing a gun at a Koffing, I'm an idiot for pointing this out, and Grunty's even more of an idiot when considering that he forgot about what nearly strangled him." Avalon said.

"Scyez, Quick Attack the gun!" Avalon said.

Before further reaction could be made, Scyez jetted off, with full intention to ram into the Gun.

Besides, who'd shoot a Koffing? A Koffing uses poison gas, and shooting it would let a good amount out from the body-potentially lethal. Avalon sensed that it was either a bluff or he had it loaded with blanks.
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