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Talking Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Night the Umbreon and Bruce the Hitmonlee
Pokemon Prision

"Let's do this." Night and Bruce said after hearing Eli's great plan. Bruce ran to help Jack with the Registeel, but when he got there Jack was fainted. " Stop struggling. It is futile." said the registeel. Bruce used Hi Jump Kick on the clump of steel and knocked it back. " Yeah, but it's worth a try." The regi shot at him with zap cannon and just missed. After that close experience, Bruce used Blaze Kick, but Registeel shot at him with flash cannon and sent him crashing into a wall.
" I will protect." said Registeel. " Protect what?" thought Bruce. He attack with Close combat and could tell the Registeel was almost finished. He went to Jack and used* a revive he was saving up. " Come on he's almost done." said Bruce.

Night went to go attack the Garchomp. He shot a few Shadow Ball at him and hit. "He's not dodging. Must be paralyzed." said Night to his team. Garchomp still managed to hit Night with Hyper Beam and thus sending him crashing through a few walls. He heard someones voice saying. "Guys look at this." Night looked out and saw a Regice rampaging through. He ran towards the voice and saw the Charmeleon that came out with Jack standing in front of a giant statue.
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