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Default Re: Foxamivalth VS Elecii

[-] Piplup (M)
Health: 92
Energy: 89
Status: Sleepy
Aqua Ring~Surf/Aqua Ring

[Ohaithere] Mudkip (M)
Health: 79
Energy: 85
Status: All stats+1, Whirlpool trapped (4 more rounds)

Ohaithere begins focusing, and steadily a small ball of water condenses above his head, spinning with a rapid churning motion. The water grows rapidly, flaring out into a spiraling cone in the air similar to what Piplup had thrown at Ohaithere earlier, and now the Mudkip was happy to return the favor. With a flourish of his head Ohaithere sends the Whirlpool flying through the air, spiraling directly into Piplup’s face. The heavy current catches him easily, and he’s pulled in, sucked and battered all around before being deposited back on the sand, the water dissipating temporarily to return and wreak havoc later.

Piplup’s body is injured, and he knows it. Fortunately, there’s a fix. His eyes begin to glow a pale shade of blue, and he lifts his flippers up. Two thin streams of water rise up from the ocean on the command, snaking through the air to encircle Piplup, crossing each other in the middle. The rings glow to match Piplup’s eyes briefly, and then settle, rotating lazily to activate regularly. It’s at that moment that Piplup finally succumbs to the exhaustion. He falls to a sitting position and his head droops as he leaves the land of the conscious, temporarily dead to the world.

Ohaithere snickers, and takes advantage of the situation. Another ball forms in the air, this one made of golden energy and in front of his face. It grows far more quickly than the Whirlpool had, and flies forward of its own accord. Piplup, being unconscious, is unable to move at all, let alone dodge it, and is hit directly in the face, somehow remaining blissfully unaware of the blow as he sails through the air. Remarkably, even after landing hard on the ground, he’s still snoozing peacefully. The rings around his body activate then, spreading their energy over him and healing a small amount of the damage he’s been dealt so far. Almost immediately afterwards, though, the air begins churning, and water instantly condenses around both Piplup and Ohaithere, dragging them for another round in the Whirlpool ride. As an added bonus, when the effect ends and they’re sent flying, they collide with each other, as well, although Ohaithere gets up rather quickly. Piplup, for his part, just lies there and snores.

[-] Piplup (M)
Health: 78
Energy: 83
Status: Asleep (Round 1), Whirlpool trapped (4 more rounds), Aqua Ring

[Ohaithere] Mudkip (M)
Health: 73
Energy: 69
Status: All stats+1, Whirlpool trapped (3 more rounds)

Mudkip uses Whirlpool: deals 5 damage, Piplup is trapped for 5 rounds. Mudkip loses 3 energy.
Piplup uses Aqua Ring: Piplup loses 6 energy
Piplup falls asleep
Mudkip uses Ancientpower: deals 9 damage. Mudkip loses 13 energy. Piplup snoozes through it.
Piplup is fast asleep.
End of round: Whirlpool deals six damage to Piplup, six damage to Mudkip. Aqua Ring restores six health to Piplup.
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