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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Jack the Riolu and Flare the Charmeleon
Inside the Prison

"Sir yes sir." Flare jumped onto Regice. "Fire Fang" As Flare bit Regice shook Falre off. "Must defeat intruders" Regice started to make a ball of electricity. "Zap Cannon!" Regice shot the ball of electricity pushing Flare through the a couple of walls. "Must defeat intruders" Regice followed him trying to stop him. Before Jack was a giant statue of Regigigas surrond in a black sphere. "Guys look at this"

"Hey Registeel Force palm." Jack smashed it's face with his palm. "Unlike Flare I'm to quick for Zap Cannon. Registeel used Lock On then shot a Zap Cannon. Jack kept trying to dodge it. "Stop struggling. It is futile" Jack grabbed the Registeel and they were both hit with Zap Cannon. Jack stood up and was about to use CopyCat when Registeel uses Hyper Beam to make Jack faint.
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