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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Eli the Shinx
Within the PokePrison

I watched Lupper in amazement as he accurately located a weakness on the exterior shell of the prison, and then in awe as he shot a jet of high-pressured water, breaking the wood and creating an entrance.

All I could do was watch as Lupper protected an oddly coloured Togekiss and Helix, and then as the other members of the squad came together and rescued the two downed Pokemon. There were four enemies: a Garchomp, a Regice, a Registeel and a Regirock. I stood there, thinking hard. Such strong Pokemon defending a worthless, wooden prison... This doesn't seem right, I thought to myself, clearly noticing the strangeness of this event.

The Garchomp began to focus itself on using Draco Meteor, and I knew that this would finish us off for good. We had to counter-attack, but how? I closed my eyes and began to build up my electrical energy. My brain was working like clockwork, the ideas lining up for a counter-attack, but this wasn't what brought on the blue light emanating from within my body. I needed to help, I needed to prove my worth. These people, whom I hadn't known personally until now, were my friends.

I roared fiercely as a single, thick bolt of blue electricity shot out of my body, heading straight for the eyes of the Garchomp. Its focus was lost as it reached for its face, trying to wipe away the effect my move had had on its eyes. I knew it wouldn't have affected it physically, for Garchomps type advantage meant that the Discharge wouldn't have been able to cause bodily damage. But, it did draw away its focus on the Draco Meteor as the intensity of the light had temporarily blinded it.

I stood there, panting, barely able to stand up, my last move weakening me. My brain continued to work like clockwork though, and I needed to get a plan across.

"You, the Charmeleon," I panted, "you take the Regice, use your fire moves. Hitmonlee, Jack, go after the Registeel with fighting based moves. Lupper, you take down the Regirock with your water-based attacks. Everyone else, take the Garchomp," I ordered, glaring at the now angered Garchomp. If the Squad wanted to survive, they'd have to listen to the orders I had just given them, even if I wasn't a member of the team.

"Now!" I barked, signalling the start of the attack. At the exact moment, Garchomp spasmed slightly, hinting that it had been paralyzed. I grinned.

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