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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Night the Umbreon and Bruce the Hitmonlee
Pokemon Prison

When Night and Bruce went downstairs Night noticed that all of the cells were open. "I guess they didn't need us afterall." said Night. They felt a gust and ran outside and saw a hole in the wall. They saw Lief straining to hold a hurricane, a sawsbuck, and Lupper defending Helix and a togekiss and Shadow " I stand corrected. We got to go help them, Bruce!" said Night angrily. Night shot a couple of shadow balls into to the hurricane. Through the hurricane Night could make out a Garchomp and the Regi's. Bruce came to fight and jumped inside the huricane.
" This is what I've been training for." he said to himself. He used close combat on them and jumped out. The regis fell out and before they could attack Night used shadow ball on them and they were blasted into a wall.
The enraged garchomp came out and said "You don't give up do you!?". He used dragon breath at them and they rolled to the side. "Come on a little help here!" shouted Night while avoiding the shots from Garchomp.

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