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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Shadow the Dewott
Inside the Pokemon Prison

I ran out since Helix could not hear him. He continued to follow Helix and the Togekiss. They soon were stopped by a door and Shadow saw they needed help. Soon a Garchomp came out of nowhere and attack. He was just about to finish him off until a Piplup, I recognized as Lupper. The Garchomp then did a mighty roar and three other Pokemon came. The Regi Pokemon. They fired a Hyper Beam and Lupper use Water Pulse to fend off of it but I knew it would not hold for long.

All of a sudden a gust of wind came and started at the Pokemon's feet. I noticed it was Leif that was using the move. Quickly I ran, I grabbed Helix and the Togekiss and ran out. "Hold it just a little longer", I shouted to Leif. I then left Helix and the Togekiss and put them along side Leif. I didn't know what to do, but Lupper had to do something.
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