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Default Re: If You Were In Charge Of The Anime

Originally Posted by Josh View Post
  • Ash would have caught many more Pokémon
  • Team Rocket would be more terrorist-y
  • Jessie, James and Meowth would be more successful
  • I don't care how much time and money it would take, the battles would be more detailed like they are at the start of most of the movies, none of this still Pokémon on moving background business

And most importantly:

The original dub actors would still be running the show. I caught the first episode of Battle Frontier and couldn't even finish it. It was like nails on a chalkboard.
I would say skip Battle Frontier if the voices get on your nerves. The new actors kind of got use to their roles around late Battle Frontier/kind of early Sinnoh Saga. Due to the weekly schedule that the anime has, it is no way enough time to allow new voice actors the chance to play around with the character's voice. They need some time to adjust and figure out their new characters. VAs don't have a lot of time to record since mostly recording studios for animes try to get done as fast as they can which is especially true for a week-by-week series.


As for evolution, it doesn't bother me too much that Ash does always evolves his pokemon but it is a feature from the games that the anime doesn't take advantage of. Evolution can be a way to show growth in a Pokemon. It is the mostly seeable growth that we can see in a Pokemon's character. The human characters of Pokemon we can always say, "Oh he has grown as a character" and we can point at certain scenes. With a Pokemon we can say, "Oh they have grown as a character" and point to scenes but we can also point to if they had evolved. The example that I will use is Chimchar from Sinnoh Saga.

Chimchar we always knew that he had great power. Paul saw that right when he caught him but the problem was that he never let it all out because he would lose control of it. Still as he spent more time with Ash he was able to become a bit less worry and just grew in power. He even evolved to show that he has became much more powerful and as he evolved he came closer to controlling the great power within him. By the time Ash had battle Volkner for his eight badge we saw that Chimchar/Infernape had finally came to grip with his power and control his powerful Blaze ability. This eventually led to the epic battle that we had against Paul in the quarter finals where Infernape was the main force in winning the battle for Ash.

Also you have to admit that Infernape in Blaze during the final moments of the Volkner and Paul battles looked cooler then some little chimchar. Super sayian much? haha
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