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Default Re: Am I the only one that noticed the ammount of flaws in the original sagas??

I completely agree with you here that the there are a lot of flaws in the first two sagas.

You don't see Ash getting badges for being a 'good guy' anymore in the Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova (so far) arc. There are no more 'pity badges'. Ash now has to earn all of his badges though tough battles that he has to win. The last time Ash got a 'pity badge' was from Pryce who was winning his match but decided to throw the match due to being 'tired'. Try to remember that he not only had type advantage but years of experience. The 'pity badge' thing has long been discarded. It is the only complaint I see from the older/former fans of the anime.

Also yes, the Kanto and Johto arc has horrible pacing. The writers pounded though the early gyms and then they realized that the had to slow down which lead to filler among filler. There is a reason why the second series of Johto is called 'Johto Freakin Journeys' for a reason.

Also the animation was cheaply done. Watch the episode where Charmelon evolves/Attach of the Prehistoric Pokemon. The scene where Brook and Misty were moving the rocks that covering the hole. You can clearly see that they were picking up the same rock over and over again. The VERY same rock.
Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
What do you mean that a pity badge and lack of a full team are flaws? For over half my game I had only 4 Pokemon on Platinum. And, just to tell you, the only reason the games don't offer pity badges is because the AI does not tell the characters how to respond or act to different situations. Literally every event outside of battle is scripted, and even then it is questionable on whether or not you have full control or not.

As for Johto. You will realize that it is considered the last good series of Pokemon, right? After that, people started to catch on to how stupid it was. At least they managed to have good and compelling characters that everybody liked, but then they split them all up.

The problem with the past 4 series is that they have all, literally, been filler-fests with unbearable dubbing and characters, repetitive action, and a predictable plot. That was something that was not there in the first series, the Orange Islands were unique, and Johto was the first to follow that pattern, so generically, it was okay.

People grew up. That what happen. They realize that Pokemon was an anime aimed at young kids. Not teens who are going on to adulthood.

The whole 'dubbing' thing is only an excuse that people use to stop watching the series. I personally think that the dubbing got better when the dub left the hands of 4Kids and went into tPCI. First off the script was much more kept as is minus Team Rocket. You also had the removal of 'flamboyant' James. Something that I was glad to see gone.

I don't think Johto was horrible but I don't think it is the best. It was the writers first attempt in getting better. They saw that Misty wasn't doing anything to help the group nor did she had anything else to add on to the story. I like Misty but I understood why she had to leave. All she was doing was a person holding Togepi and maybe challenging Ash every so often but that was it. Even her coaching was pointless as we saw that Ash was able to hold his own in a battle without the help of Brook and Misty on the sidelines holding his hands. Then Johto is imfamous for having many fillers though the second part of the series. I don't even remember what they called it but I know I call it, "Johto Freakin Journeys' for a reason. Heck, I haven't even seen all those episodes because they are all filler.

The only good thing that came out of Johto was the fact that the writers were starting to make good use from the source material. They were using events from the games and attempting to adopt them within the anime storyline. Case in point was the 'Lake of Rage' arc. Prior to that they never really attempted to do anything much involving the games outside of gyms and locations. We even got the introduction of the Champion.

Filler is something that all series have. The only things that I don't count as filler in Pokemon are Gym and Contest battles. Still it can be enjoyable such as seeing the members of the league's E4s or Champions. Only in filler can the writers flesh out the Pokemon world and the structure of the society. Prior to Hoenn all we knew was that the E4 tend to be at certain places training or doing something yet we never got a hint that they do interact with each other. Sinnoh Saga gave us the idea that they do interact with each other and introduce the Champion League where people go to challenge the E4 to official matches in order to challenge the Champion of said league.

The plot and story writing greatly improved after Johto. The writers kept learning from their past experience and put that into the future story arcs. In Hoenn we saw more things from the games being adopted such as villains, Team Aqua and Team Magma. They improved this even more in Sinnoh and even found a way to include the trio (Ash, Brook and Dawn) in the story via the Lake Trio. Something that was predictable only half way though the Saga but still impressive that they were able to pull it off. Heck, they even made the Rocket Trio important with the Team Galactic subplot during the run and after since because of their actions within that subplot it led them to what they are doing into the next saga.

Wish I can say the same with BW about learning seeing that they have reverted back to their antics during Kanto/Johto writing but I wish them best wishes in pulling off something decent.
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