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Default Re: True Gamer Society² - The Return of the Beast


What's that you say--you want to be able to connect with other members of the TGS who have common interest in games you play? Do you maybe want to play online with them, or perhaps just talk games more privately? Well this should help you out! If you want to, and I encourage you to, fill out the form below and I will add you the Member Information List!


Name (IRL or Nickname):

360 or PS3 Gamercard/Gamer Tag:


Favorite Console:

Favorite Game(s):

Most Played Online Game(s):

Favorite Genre(s):

Least Favorite Genre(s):

Easiest Game You've Played:

Hardest Game You've Played:

Worst Game You’ve Ever Played:

Longest Playing Streak In A Single Sitting (And With Which Game?):

Hardest Trophy/Achievement In A PS3/360 Game:

Most Cherished Gaming Moment:

Upcoming Releases You're Dying to Purchase:

Games You'd Love To See Taken Off Store Shelves:

Games You Own:

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