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Default Re: Am I the only one that noticed the ammount of flaws in the original sagas??

What do you mean that a pity badge and lack of a full team are flaws? For over half my game I had only 4 Pokemon on Platinum. And, just to tell you, the only reason the games don't offer pity badges is because the AI does not tell the characters how to respond or act to different situations. Literally every event outside of battle is scripted, and even then it is questionable on whether or not you have full control or not.

As for Johto. You will realize that it is considered the last good series of Pokemon, right? After that, people started to catch on to how stupid it was. At least they managed to have good and compelling characters that everybody liked, but then they split them all up.

The problem with the past 4 series is that they have all, literally, been filler-fests with unbearable dubbing and characters, repetitive action, and a predictable plot. That was something that was not there in the first series, the Orange Islands were unique, and Johto was the first to follow that pattern, so generically, it was okay.
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