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Default Re: [RP] Pokemon: Quest Infinity [RP]

Christopher Wilson
Chaos HQ, Veilstone City

"Christopher I want you to brief the Grunts that will accompany us on the mission on what we will be doing." Lex said, finishing his sentence. "Yes sir!" Chris said, as he departed with a salute. He turned the corner, opening the door to the dank grunt barracks. "Grunts! We move out! Everyone into the debriefing room; no exceptions." Most of them moved, with just a few lingering in their beds. "Not acceptable!" Chris said, whipping out a pokeball from his belt. A Persian came out, scratching its head as it purred. "Fury Swipes on anyone who you see in a bed." Persian got up, but it was enough already; all of the people had already ran into the room as fast as they could.

"Today's mission is simple. We take the Solaceon Daycare by force, and leave nothing behind; anyone that is caught fighting against us will be terminated." Chris said, showing slides of the place as he went. "Each of you will be armed with Pokemon provided in these balls; there are 3 types." he pulled out three of the balls, releasing them into the air. "Stunky, Skorupi, and Zubat. Each of you will take two Pokeballs, then report to the helicopters. What are you waiting for? Go!" he commanded, then stepped away. Chris navigated through the building, reaching the outside. He leaped into the nicest helicopter, awaiting his companions. Something told him this was going to be interesting...

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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