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Default Re: [RP] Pokemon: Quest Infinity [RP]

Lex Rex
Chaos HQ, Veilstone City

Lex let out an evil chuckle as Crissy came in and sat on his desk as usual. "Your quite perceptive Crissy. Today we shall attack to locations here in Sinnoh, Solaceon Town and Pastoria City. Both locations have an area which has more Pokemon there. For Solaceon its the Daycare Center and for Pastoria it is the Great Marsh. We will be heading out soon to Solaceon to attack first. We will vanquish anyone who stands in our way and take all the energy of ever last pathetic creature there. No doubt Nova may interfere but we have no reason to worry. They aren't as strong as we are. Crissy I want you to ready three helicopters for our departure. Two will be for Grunts and the third will be for us Commanders. Take ten Grunts in each of the two helicopters and make sure they all have their Reapers on them. We will depart soon, Christopher I want you to brief the Grunts that will accompany us on the mission on what we will be doing. Then we depart. Now go do as told," Lex commanded in a creepy low voice.

Kat Zephyr
Nova HQ, Snowpoint City

All of the Nova members came in one by one and took their assigned places within the conference room. One they were all settled in their seats Kat began to explain the situation. "We have gathered information that Chaos will most likely make their next attack on Solaceon Town. Their have been reports of shady people observing the Daycare Center and those who work there. We believe they will be attacking really soon. I will personally lead this mission, we will arrive not too far from the town. If anything occurs we go into action. We will be leaving as soon as the meeting comes to an end. I will take ten others with me on this mission. The rest of you will be watching the rest of Sinnoh and keeping our HQ safe. Okay that is plan. This meeting is now over," Kat ended her explanation. She was the first to stand up and head down the chrome white hallways. She was heading towards the Air Forces Dispatch Center.
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