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Default Re: RP Announcements and Feedback

Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
Why... do you have two stickied rules threads, and a very old "Announcement & Feedback" thread that is still stickied? :S I don't understand, it just makes this place look cluttered.
*original post erased by stupid cat*

I'm not sure why we have two feedback threads...but I can tell you that the Rules page is what we hold as a standard for Role Playing on PE2K, whereas the one by Neo Emolga is a very well written thread on a detailed explanation of how to make a successful RP, how role playing standards work here, what terms we use and such. Everything may seem cluttered because he downsized this section from our original layout of Pokemon and Other RP's being in their own section and Sign Ups and Discussion threads having their own sub forum as well. This downsize was made due to the lack of activity on the forum all together, but activity in the role playing section has dramatically died. thing sused to be much more active around here and now, it's quite low in comparison. The threads may seem to be making clutter and may be old, but they are stickied for the reason of them being important tools and information for all RPers to read. Just because important tools aren't used doesn't mean that someone won't use them later. :3
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