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Envoy of Vision
Narrow Street

He wondered if she saw him. He doubted it. No one ever does. He watched, silently, as a Hydreigon with a girl sat on top of it flew past quickly, a Galvantula hopping between buildings slightly ahead of them. He tapped lightly on the empty space next to him on the bench he was resting on, and his Chandelure appeared, nothing but a faint outline against the dark brick walls. Well, at least to the non believers. Jix pointed his index finger towards the girl, and the Chandelure began frantically waving it's arms.

"You think?" Jix questioned, under his breath. The Chandelure began to bounce up and down, screaming inside of Jix's head.

"YEYEYEYEYEYEYEYEYEYEYE HER HER" The sound was unbearable, yet somehow Jix had learned to cope. He smiled slightly, and nodded.

"Gyuh gyuh gyuh gyuh... Good." After his accident, Jix's laugh never was quite normal. Chandelure had always found his laugh slightly disturbing... There was something not right about it. Fading back into complete nothingness, Jix was left alone. Standing up and letting out a sigh, he stretched, checking the area around him, before sprinting down the narrow, dark street after the large dragon. His mind was working a mile a minute to project the image of a young child running down the street into the minds of onlookers and passers-by, and he hoped, not just for his sake, that there were no alts stood in with the crowd. He knew he wasn't going to reach the girl on foot; closing his eyes, still running, he focused hard on the image he had of the girl. Using the full extent of his illusionary powers, Jix forced the images of what he witnessed on the day of his parents death into her head, hoping that it would be enough to distract her long enough for him to make the distance.

"Blood blood blood blood blood BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD" was the only word that he could hear. He twitched.
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