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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

Wynter Kanon and Darius Chestnut
Envoys of Taste and Sight
Nimbasa City
Affected RPers: Latisiblings, Winter_Cherry, Enkaku_Kumori

"I suppose I'll have to keep you waiting a little more, then. I apologize if you are on a tight schedule." The clocked figure replied, which made Darius groan, internally of course. He hadn’t banked on this waiting, which proved of some annoyance. However, such a minor detail wasn’t nearly enough to faze him, and he remained calm as ever.

“Take your time, we are in no rush,” he stated, emotionless as before. Wynter, despite having waited for hours before didn’t react adversely to this response. Not that standing around here was her opinion of fun; she’d prefer to go for a meal or something, but never said anything. She, like before, nodded obediently, not adding in a single word.

"Here's your money for the three apples." The mysterious fellow then paid the sum demanded, and then started on the snack. Not having eaten in a while, the brunette eyed the fruit carefully before returning her gaze back to the ground. Pommes weren’t her favourite by a long stretch, but she didn’t really care much at this point. Sure, her power was taste, but it didn’t work very well when she was the intended target, which made sense.

"Hmm, they aren't half bad. Could I have four more, please?" he (for the sake of a pronoun, it sounds kind of… mean) ordered a few more, which inevitably meant the wait time had just lengthened. Rocky didn’t like this too much…

"Oh, by the way... Would you happen to know someone named Michelle Toya?" the figure then asked, rather casually. Wynter immediately gave her head a slight shake, her eyes barely lifting from the ground. Darius, on the other hand, decided to wait for the others to reply before saying anything. In reality, he’d never heard the name in his life, but stayed silent, for now.

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