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Default Re: If You Were In Charge Of The Anime

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
Pokemon games have not been turned-based before, and have gotten exceptional reviews. I think people would embrace such a change, if it is done right.

It is not personal opinion, it is truth. Whether or not the hardcore fans want to admit it is their choice. It has been the same game for 14 years. If that is not repetitive, allow me to continuously sell you the same exact episode from the 9th season of Scrubs and tell me if you enjoy it over and over again.

Being attached to something does not make you biased towards it. I am very attached to my dog, but I will not deny that it needs to be kicked in the ass and settle the crap down.

The same can go with the game series. Plenty of people have played some form of a live combat system in some RPG or another and grown accustomed to it. I think it would be a pleasant change from simply watching a pixely sprite drawn in MS Paint fire a cheap animation made in Particle Illusion after you press that pixely font. No actual choices made in the game that effect the story either. No alternate endings. No game-changing battles. It is far too linear, to add another annoyance to the list.

Is there something wrong with an MMO feel? And in no way was it anything like the combat in an MMO. Why do I say this? There was no such thing as grinding. No enemies respawn. No enemies walk around in huge groups in the wild and chill, waiting for you to transform them into abundant exp. You never even connected to the servers unless you wanted to buy something. And your allies seemed like real people, as in you could have conversations in-game, something most games lack that aren't even MMOs in the first place.

If you do not like the feel of Dragon Age, perhaps the feel of the Fable series? We just need to make it live enough so that you can make tactical decisions like in the anime.
Totally agree. I have enjoyed fable so something like that would be more up my alley haha.
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