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Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
How would it be difficult for people have been playing Pokemon games since the nineties? If you are implying that Pokemon is the only video game they have ever played, and have not experienced any other gameplay style, I'd say they would not have any right to complain about a switch.
I don't mean it is the only game. I mean, any person who has played Pokemon since the nineties (not literally) but has bought and played the games regularly, a turned based adventure RPG is something they would be expecting as well as something that we're use to as opposed to making a switch to something similar to dragon age. I suppose in short: Pokemon is expected to be a turned based RPG. Anything other for some people will not be considered Pokemon.

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
Getting kind of repetitive? Jeez. I started to pick up on that right when Platinum was released.
More or less personal opinion for me. I enjoy Pokemon but it has started to become more of the same for me. Maybe I'm just getting older or something, but it's not quite like how I use to enjoy it in the past and the games follow the same idea each time. Go through gyms, about 4th or 5th badge away you end up whipping Team [Names] ass and then beating the league and a battle island afterwards. This has been true in part of the new games though.

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
Fact of the matter is, the game style is getting too repetitive. They are starting to milk customers. I do not blame them for their reluctance to bring out a new style of game though. All too often companies will release something, and the fans will hate it because they are far too biased.
That's true yes. Fans may be far too bias or as I put it, too familiar to the old style of the game. Supposing since it is Pokemon we're talking about, although I wouldn't like a change, I'm sure a change would not effect it too much. Sure, a change may lose player base, but c'mon, this is Pokemon. Nintendo will probably not be too hurt if some people don't like it because chances are someone else is going to and they aren't going to lose too much money.

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
What did you not like about Dragon Age? Solid gameplay, amazing story, decent graphics. That is exactly what Pokemon needs.
What I did not like about Dragon Age was the game play. As I had said, it felt too much like a really good MMORPG, however, I'm not too fond of the MMORPG game play style in which I must click an enemy and mash keys to launch skills. It felt a bit of a bore to me, despite the story being nice and engaging. I suppose my genre of choice is hack and slash *shrugs*
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