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Default Re: If You Were In Charge Of The Anime

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
If you played Bioware or Blizzard games, you'd know that it is very easy to make a real time combat system for a game such as Pokemon. Or even look at Final Fantasy. That game series has made some marked improvements from the first pixely one from the old NES era.

Make certain attacks have different rates or speeds, like weapons in Dragon Age, Knights of the Old Republic, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Warhammer, etc. It is not like it is totally new technology that would be implemented. It would be a more action packed game, and would be very similar to the anime.

Certain attack rates? What do I mean?
A weak Electric move like Spark would take 6.0 seconds to use and would have a 5.0 second cool down time, eliminating the constant spamming of attacks.

A strong Electric attack like Thunder would take 15.0 seconds to charge and an 80.00 second cooldown time.

Also make it so that the Pokemon don't necessarily have Power Points, but have Power Levels. Where it depletes and recharges slowly overtime, or you can use Ether to replenish it.

It is so simple to think of, I have no idea how difficult or easy it would be to implement it (it takes a year at the least to develop a balanced RPG engine, let alone the graphics and such), but it is a good start.
I see where you're getting at. It makes sense yes and I had forgotten to acknowledge such. It does sound like great ideas though I doubt would work successfully with the Pokemon series you know? I'd suppose gamers are just familiar with the idea that Pokemon will always produce something they know they can expect. Which, may actually be starting to become repetitive. Though from what I see, this is still very new to children. So the cycle will kind of, in a way, remain unbroken as children will see these new games that we find as, more of the same, to actually be new. It's still exciting for them and I suppose, us being here we still find Pokemon exciting too lol.

For new comers to the series, making a similar engine to the ones you described would be fine. Though for anyone who grew up in the nineties with Pokemon it may not be anything they would really want to see unless the Pokemon Company can really market it. Otherwise, in my mind, I'm imagining a not so good Pokemon game under the pretense of it being like Dragon Age, a game of which I am not too fond of. My only real reason being is the layout of the game seemed a lot like an epic single player MMORPG, minus the MMO part. But, that's just personal opinion.

When you say similar to the anime, you are dead right that it would be incredibly similar. Though, I personally would find the game play to still be lacking and that the series would have fallen kind of into a pit with the game. I suppose it would appeal to a new base of people who enjoy RPG styled games in a similar fashion as well as any die-hard Pokemon fan. Though, for anyone else really it wouldn't receive too much attention. It'd probably receive as much attention as the Nintendo 3DS did, which is to say, not incredibly much. To the point that Nintendo was losing money on the product and had lowered the price of the hand held.

Still, you do bring up an interesting idea to go with the Pokemon series and for me personally, I wouldn't like it much. That's not to say it'll keep me from buying the product, though knowing I already do not like games in a similar RPG style to Dragon Age or the likes, I think I would pirate the game to give it a try and if I don't like it, I won't spend any money on it.

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