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Default Re: If You Were In Charge Of The Anime

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
That is another thing that is lacking in the game. The use of surroundings. No high ground, no freezing the water around, the Pokemon hardly even move.

The anime is/was good in its own right. It presents concepts to the audience that the game could only dream of doing.
In that first line I quoted, I'm reminded of Digimon World 3 in which you could change battle surroundings, not to the degree of high ground low grounds etc, but say your Digimon had electrical attacks, change the battle field to an electric field lol.

As for the second line, I'm sure the Pokemon series wouldn't have been quite as successful if the battle system wasn't turn based. Agreed, it is something to dream of which makes the show more exciting in comparison to the game, because we can see fights in real time. But back to how I began this paragraph, I'm sure the games wouldn't have done quite as well if they really could do real time battling.

Though, I'm sure that the Pokemon Company may be working on it a little, with the advent of Pokemon Rumble, even mystery dungeon touching a little on the same topic. Though in practicality in terms of Pokemon moves, a game in which it had real time fighting would be difficult. The easiest method I could imagine would be pokemon smashed with kingdom hearts, that's the only remote thing I can see working. Otherwise, you'd just be making a Pokemon Tekken game lol.

Back ontopic of the anime, I think another thing I'd like to see more is character back story and development. Not saying to turn the show into something like bleach with tons of filler, but you know, see more story about something. Though, what I find most interesting is the back story to certain towns. Of which, isn't always touched on too heavily. But, that may be because I might be a bit of a history buff.
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