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Default Re: Riddled with Lies

Originally Posted by Magnetic_Zero View Post
I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the prologue. It seemed really normal 'til the end. Then it just got really trippy and crazy. I can't wait to see why his mom turned out to be a Gardevoir!

But, I did notice a few things that kind of irked me. Just a few words that were capitalized that shouldn't have been.
  • Sun (It's only capitalized when naming other planets/celestial bodies in the same sentence. This applies to any other planet, like earth.)
  • Dining Room (Names of common types of rooms usually aren't capitalized)
  • Kitchen (Same as above)
  • Human (Usually species are in lowercase. Except for Pokemon, although some people change this rule in fan fiction, which is usually just writer's preference.)
  • Mother (I had a hard time with this one, too. When using it as a substitute for a person's name, it's supposed to be capitalized. If you're simply referencing your relationship to the person, leave it lowercase.
    So something like this would be capitalized: I wonder when Mother is going to get back.
    However, something like this wouldn't be: My mother is in her mid-thirties.)

It's not that I'm trying to be mean and nitpick, but I just want your story to look better, because I really am enjoying it. I look forward to Chapter One!
Ah, I believe this is an issue I am beating out of myself... literally 0.0

Anyway, I completely understand the mistakes and the reasons as to why they are, and I think I may be able to avoid the same issue :D I'll get onto the editing tomorrow, most probably. :P Also, thank you for pointing these issues out! I love feedback :D

Much appreciated. I like to keep my readers interested in my writing, so I'm glad you enjoyed the prologue.

I hate how small Pe2k makes my posts look. What looks like quite a lot (a few A4 pages in 12 sized font) looks so small on this T_T Nevermind, I'll pull through xP

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