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Default Re: If You Were In Charge Of The Anime

That is not a fair example, Foxamivalth. You are using the game's weakest Pokemon.

If evolution makes the most powerful Pokemon, how come Arceus doesn't evolve? I can use the same exaggerated and unfair examples that you use.

It is true. The anime is full of many inconsistencies, but you have to keep in mind it is trying to portray what it would be like if Pokemon were real. Pokemon games are not supposed to really put much of an emphasis on tactics when it comes to live battle. It is a turn-based RPG. It in no way has the same style of battling as the anime does.

I recall a battle in the very first series, when the anime was at its best, and a Bellsprout nearly took down Ash's entire team. It was not because Ash is an idiot, and not because it had the type advantage over the other Pokemon. It is because the battle itself is in real time, meaning one could easily adapt to a situation, prevent something from happening, and use the surroundings around the battle area.

That is another thing that is lacking in the game. The use of surroundings. No high ground, no freezing the water around, the Pokemon hardly even move.

You cannot compare battling styles in the anime to the game because they are so very different. The reason the Bellsprout put up such a good fight was because the trainer had trained it to dodge attacks, almost like a ninja. Can't do that in the game, now can you?

Evolution has nothing to do with how good your Pokemon are. I have seen a person beat a level 100 Hitmonlee with a level 100 Marill. Not an Azumarill, but a Marill. Evolution does mean something, but it is not a necessity.

The anime is/was good in its own right. It presents concepts to the audience that the game could only dream of doing.

Am I biased? No. I hate the anime, and I hated it ever since the beginning of Hoenn. But, I am saying that they are both different in their own perspective, and truthfully, there is nothing wrong with that.
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