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Default Re: If You Were In Charge Of The Anime

With all this talk of evolving, I can say that it does make sense that Ash should probably evolve more Pokemon than he usually does. From, I would guess, an anime stand point, the Pokemon would not evolve based on levels. At least in the anime, they evolve when they most see fit and is a really random occurance. For the writers and artists of the anime, it'd probably just be easier to keep Ash with simplified first-tier Pokemon. They seem easier to draw and seem to contribute to the concept of "Big power comes in small packages"

As I said though, I think it would be fitting he evolves more Pokemon for the sake of sense (In some situations) and the coolness around evolving. We all like to see something evolve although its not much to watch lol. In the sake of sense, we can all admit that Ash will have a Pokemon that has gone through a ton of battles and just has never evolved. That could either, and say Pokemon were real, be from a genetic issue or the Pokemon just not wanting to. Though it would make sense that the Pokemon does evolve.

Edit: On the topic of unevolved =/= weak, this is true and not in a sense. Ultimately, the game is playing statistics against one another. Having used Pokesav a great deal and spent a lot of my time reading IV's and EV's, evolving a Pokemon can be incredibly beneficial and lead to boosts in the Pokemon's strengths though can also drastically hinder another stat the Pokemon may get a natural boost in. For the most part, evolving a Pokemon is beneficial from the statistical stand point, though that's not to say that keeping it unevolved can be just as good. Pokemon, the game at least, boils down to pitting numbers against numbers and whoever has the better numbers wins, end of story. I could go on about the importance of numbers in this game but really, if you want a good idea check base stats on Bulbapedia or something. Though, the base stats are really just an average that can be made by Pokesav based on the Pokemon having no IVs and EVs. Haunter is naturally a fast Pokemon, but due to natures, IVs, EVs, and the likes, it can be an incredibly slow Pokemon. Its slowness may even have been due to its pre-evolved Ghastly which is not relatively fast in comparison to Haunter.

So to sum up my long discussions, can an unevolved Pokemon be strong: Yes. Can an evolved Pokemon be just as strong/weaker/or stronger than an unevolved Pokemon: Yes. But as said, Pokemon is ultimately a numbers game and having Pokesav as a tool at your disposal, even when not editing your Pokemon, can help you see just where your Pokemon stands in the numbers game.

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