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Joseph Rams
Veil of Mind
Castelia City
Sarai (indirect/future vision)

Sighing as the girl flew away on her Hydreigon, I turned and began walking to the Pokemon Center.

"Whoever is heading for the Pokemon Center, feel free to come. If not, then good luck with whatever comes ne-" I began to speak, before abruptly clutching my forehead. On the outside, it would appear as if I were suffereing a sudden headache, but on the inside, my true skills were activating again.

Castelia. I was looking down upon it from atop a skyscraper, staring down at what appeared to be the girl on her Hydreigon, a phone in my left hand and a list of names and photos in my right, hers circled. Smugly grinning, I looked over at two other Zoroarks next to me. Shouting something in the Pokemon language, I grinned as the three of us tossed a fiber cable net down, catching the Hyrdreigon and its rider off-guard as the net closed and electrified, sending enough volts to knock the Human into unconsciousness and weaken the Hydreigon enough for us to catch it and force it back into its Pokeball. Laughing, we dragged the girl off into an inconspicuous vehicle parked in a side alley, locking her in the cell after taking away her pokemon.
[End Vision]

Breathing heavily, my head shot back up, almost giving myself whiplash as I pulled out Rufus's Pokeball, calling him out.

"That's why they created the diversion. She's the target!" I shouted, hopping on Rufus as he took to the air quickly, chasing after the shiny Hydreigon at top speed, and towards Rizu, all the while looking for the perfect spot to look down at the scene and lay an ambush.
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