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He smirked, as he heard the man's reply. They had just met but he could already see that they were similar. He's as much of a bastard as I am, he thought. The way his expression didn't change a bit clearly showed that he was a pro. Either in money-making, corrupt business, or... his type of business. Well, whichever business he worked in, he wanted something with the twins or the girl. Mammon had a gut feeling that he'd be meeting the formal man a lot more than he liked, later on.

"I suppose I'll have to keep you waiting a little more, then. I apologize if you are on a tight schedule." Mammon decided to keep stalling time around them a little more; since he had absolutely no leads on this Michelle person (the employer was either an idiot or just messing with him- he bet on the latter), he could afford to waste some time, and frankly, he was quite curious to what the man was looking for.

"Here's your money for the three apples." Mammon took the apples from his hand and started to munch on an apple, mechanically.

"Hmm, they aren't half bad. Could I have four more, please?" Not that they were anywhere that good to be worth his money (he actually died a little inside every time he chewed on the apples; not worth 75 cents), but it would give him an excuse to stick around a little further.

"Oh, by the way... Would you happen to know someone named Michelle Toya?" Mammon spoke conversationally.
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