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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

Shade of Sound
Castelia City to Narrow Street
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Such a child...

"The one who repeats the same points in an argument is the one who is losing the argument."

I wasn't going to get through to this vampire wannabe teenager. I was just wasting my time, and Zhen seemed to start seeing my point. Shorai spat another set of Volts at the gothic's feet. Yeah she was just a waste of air.

"Maybe my 'yapping' is too much for your childish attention span." I said calmly, but sharply. "It maybe critisism but that's what the world doesn't have enough of. Everyone fears it, or hates it. No one learns from it, they all just reject it."

I decided to turn slightly back at this girl, even managing a tiny crack of a smile. Despite my shoulder still hurt, I was well on my way to ignoring it.

"I'm above hitting people outside self defense. Besides, I'm not the one who wants to hit you."

Zhen growled and glared at Lazarus, all three heads looking at either the Haunter, the girl or the other ghost Pokemon with her. I turned to walk away, having Shorai give the girl one final electrical spat before following me.

"It's funny you mention to me trying to do something useful, when just a few moments ago I was on the trail of whoever was causing these disturbances before you had your ghost screw everything over." I more or less half thought out loud, half spoke. "Anyway, as much as your invite to physically harm you is tempting my friend here, we're going to have to decline. Can't give misbehaved children what they want."

With that, Shorai jolted foward with speed, jumping and latching herself onto the sides of buildings as Zhen picked me up and launched himself away from the group. I had been done trying to be nice. Well...tht probably wasn't the best way to put it but that was the way I could think of.

Zhen quickly flew back down Narrow Street, following my chiny Galvantula who was leaping between the buildings like the crazy free runner he...she was. With no one to see me directly, I fit my hand under my sweater and rubbed my shoulder.

'Damn...even touching the muscle hurts...'

I sat down on the dragon's back, leaning against his neck. So much for today...some non-Alt knew that Alts existed...I was nearly mauled by some rogue Zoroark and his posse...some ten year old comes and tries to save me...note to self: work on skills to prevent previously mention statement from happening again. Today started out great and then just went downhill...and I still had that bad feeling in my gut...the very back of it.

It was going to happen again...
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