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OOC; Short, I know, but I have nothing to work with yet. D:
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Time for some fun.

He'd been quiet for too long. He didn't know how he'd been able to remain quiet for as long as he had, but somehow he did. And he didn't like it one bit. So, now, it was time for him to step out of the shadows, and into the light. So to speak.

"Chandler... Where to? Big city, busy. Eek." The bandage-clad Jix uttered, under his breath, to his Chandelure companion, who replied by jumping up and down and flailing his flame-wielding arms. One of the flames lightly brushed the skin directly under Jix's eye, the only part of his body not wrapped up and pinned away. Jix didn't notice, though. The flame darkened the patch of skin it had passed over, and the smell of burnt flesh was now drifting through the air. The scent was apparent to everybody except him, as he could hear peoples disgusted remarks as he passed them. Little did they know the scent was coming from him. In fact, most people didn't even see him. He'd been working hard to make his appearance look like that of a small child, blonde hair, blue eyes, no older than six years old. To the untrained eye, this was generally how most people saw him.

But he knew he was a monster.

"THERETHERETHERETHERE" Chandler began to shriek, a sound Jix could only hear inside of his head. Maybe this was another reason for his insanity?

"Where. What." Jix replied, following Chandler's extended arm with his eye to see a narrow alleyway. He smiled underneath the mass of bandages and straps, and began to make his way towards it.
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