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(OOC: 9,750 – 500 = 9,250 Just in case)


Chainy apparently hadn't heard anything either, having had the assignment pushed on him from Leo. That figured; Leo had probably been told to go but had something he thought more important to do, like chasing girls.

The other Ranger mentioned that it could possibly be some kind of trick or prank, but she wasn't sure. She didn't think the boss would send them out in the middle of the night for something like that, unless... She shook her head. She didn't think the others at the office were that clever.

At any rate, it should be a good trip. She rarely got to see the other side of the mountain. A lot of Trainers chickened out before going all the way up or around or through the thing, choosing to find things closer to the exit. They got cold easy or something. The farthest she had been was with a Trainer that battled a Lucario deep in the caves.

They eventually came across a Snover that Chainy captured, and then they continued on up the path. The slope increased its angle, and she knew they'd either be getting to the split in the road that took you several ways around the mountain or into the caves, going straight through. She didn't know which one she preferred. Since the weather was so calm, seeing the moonlight reflecting off the snow was pretty peaceful. If the weather turned foul though, she'd be thankful for the shelter from the elements. She decided she'd just leave it up to Chainy.

Soon a Jynx appeared, and it looked like she was busy building something out of the snow. She carefully stacked rolled snowballs on top of each other and smoothed down edges. Ivy couldn't really tell what the structure was at the moment, but she was sure the Pokémon was working hard on it.

Chainy motioned to her with a silent gesture, asking the question without words. She shook her head. She'd rather pass, and if the Jynx wanted to stop her work just to fight with them, she'd get a doll. She was sure Chainy had one laying around.

On a side note, she reached into the long pocket on the right side of her cargos, pulling out her Poképlayer and a disk. “I don't really need a Jynx right now, but I've been having these dreams about a Mienfoo for some reason. I remember one from the last Oktori run I was on. Maybe it's some sort of sign.”

An Angel Redwing had caught that Mienfoo, and it had seemed a little attached to her. She'd been dreaming about it lately, so it had spurred her to get a disk back at the Outpost. It couldn't hurt, she supposed. She pressed the button and listened to the call, hoping that the Jynx would just let them pass.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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