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Default Reds Pokemon

Here are all six of Reds pokemon with some description.

Red is, without question, the hardest Trainer in the game; you shouldn't think about challenging him until your team is at the VERY LEAST levels 65-70, and even then you'll need tons of healing items and luck to win. Red's team is based on unique Pokemon that you can receive throughout the Kanto-based games: these include the four Starter Pokemon of Generation I, represented with Level 88 Pikachu, the highest-leveled Trainer Pokemon of the entire franchise and the Starter Pokemon and mascot of Pokemon Yellow, and Level 84 Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise, the Kanto Region's Starter Pokemon and the mascots of Pokemon Green/LeafGreen, Red/FireRed and Blue. He also uses a Level 80 Lapras, replacing Red's Espeon in Generation II and representing a gift received from a worker in Silph Co., and a Level 82 Snorlax, which Red had to fight to progress his story. During this battle, Hail will never end unless you use another weather move.