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Default Re: Buzzer's PE2K Ref log (BMG = Fail)

Battle 812
Items on
SLP/FRZ/OHKO/Evasion clauses on
Normal Weather/Normal Terrain
Hearthome City Gym Battle

Gym Leader Webmaster vs Challenger Neonsands

Web: Gengar, Froslass, Chandelure
Neon: Jolteon, Empoleon, Gengar

Web's Gengar tricked a Choice Scarf onto Jolteon, but tricking into a Shadow Ball meant it could inflict a lot of damage. Chandelure eventually got a free switch in thanks to confusion. Imprison meant Jolteon struggled till the end, giving Chandelure a chance to set up. It was looking good for Web, but once Jolteon fell, Empoleon came in to Yawn Chandelure. Gengar came in and finished off Empoleon. Unfortunatly Neon's Scarfed Gengar came in and wrecked stuff.

Neon wins: $2000 + Badge + TM
Webmaster loses: $1000
I ref: 1500

Current Wages = $12500

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