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Swinub's Ice Beam bit into Ambi's side, but he was putting on a brave face. He didn't look too injured, and after asking Haji to inquire about it, she found that he really was okay.

The fading sunlight shined on the little pig-like Pokémon from its position now, and dhe made a mental note to try and keep Ambipom facing the other way. That sun was still distracting since the rest of the environment was dark, and she didn't want him to get stunned or miss one of his attacks because he couldn't see.

“Great work, Ambipom,” she told him, offering a smile. “Now that you're in the battle mode, we need to hit it hard. The quicker we get to the other side of the mountain, the better.” She wasn't too inclined to hurry, but she didn't want her partners out in the cold for too long. They still had a lot of distance to travel.

“Let's try to stay out of the sun, just in case. It sets faster now, but the light's still jarring because the rest of the place is dark,” she reminded him, and he nodded thoughtfully, only slightly tilting his head back to look at her. His feet shuffled back and forth, eager to get moving.

“Alright, here's what we're gonna do,” she started, looking once more at the battlefield. “Start off with your Seed Bomb. You'll have to dig under the snow to get materials for it, but it should work. A little bit of energy will hold the ground together, and when you throw them at the Swinub, they should break apart all around her.”

She scuffed her foot in the snow, digging in to uncover the dirt below. There was a small grass layer there for some reason, even though she had never known a time when Oktori wasn't blanketed in ice and snow. She supposed if it hadn't always been in the spot it is now, due to some earth shifting or something, there would be some vegetation that just froze too hard to die off first. It wasn't anything special, being a tough brownish moss, but it was something.

“While the explosions are going off, I want you to charge up a Fire Punch. Use your speed on that mound of snow-” She pointed to one on the left that was near the little Ground-type. “-and then use the added momentum when you jump off to crash into Swinub hard. We don't want to knock it out, of course, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem since Seed Bomb is mostly going to be for distraction at this point. Got all that?” she asked.

Ambipom nodded enthusiastically, already dipping low to scoop out snow with all four of his hands. The white stuff flung everywhere, but thankfully she and Haji moved to the side quick enough so they didn't get hit in the face. Even though the monkey was more disciplined in battle now, he still had his fun streaks. She didn't miss the grin on his face.

He quickly uncovered the ground and shoveled clumps of it out, using his two tail hands to form them into soil snowballs. He got a few ready and set them in a pile by his feet, waiting for her firing command. That certain energy that Pokémon seemed to have animated the orbs, and she knew they'd cause some pretty good explosions when they hit.

The spheres brought another thought to her mind, and she gnawed on her lip as she debated it. “You know, this is a bad idea, but I'm going to throw a Park Ball after your Fire Punch.” She reached into her vest for one of the devices, expanding it and getting ready to toss. “If it doesn't work we'll just try again, but if she gets startled enough, this just might work. Ready, Ambi?”

The monkey nodded, done with his preparation. He lifted the stack up in his arms, balancing the pile on his chest while his two tail-hands got ready to throw. She knew they'd be coated in flames after he was done with this.

“Launch them high so they come down with a bang,” she said as she tensed her arm to throw.

Ambipom nodded, and then he let the grass bombs fly.


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