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Default Re: If You Were In Charge Of The Anime

Originally Posted by Judgmental Arceus View Post
  • Ash would've caught that Krokorok by now
  • They would've reached the 4th gym by now
  • There would already be a Musketeer Trio movie in the making
To tell the truth. I would have made it to where Ash was just on his way to the third gym or at least in Castelia City seeing the sights.

The anime writers really rushed in the pacing in getting Ash three badges. Proof of this is all this 'filler' that we are currently getting with the Don Battle Arc and the episodes that follow it. It would have been better to have Ash take his time. Better for the pacing and better to keep the number of filler episodes down. Lessen the chances of having 'Johto Freakin Journeys'.

A Musketeer Trio movie is something I so want but at the same time I would love to see them incorporate them within the series similar to what I think they are doing with a certain ice dragon.
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