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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

Shade of Sound
Castelia City
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So that gothic snub is the owner of the Haunter that had me unfocused for that one moment...

Zhen was growling rather loudly, and Shorai sparked at the ground in front of her. In a sense, she was sort of spitting in the general direction of the girl but only I knew that's what Shorai was really doing. He...she, only looked like he was failing at throwing an Electro Ball at the ground. I tried to calm myself a bit, knowing that if Zhen decided to angrily bolt for her, there was no sense in stopping anger with anger. Something else I heard was another snippy girl ranting at a guy about illusionists...wait. Oh hell...

'That must of been the trainer of the Gallade who messed...god I'm surrounded by incompetence...pure incompetence...'

I was aggrivated at the idiocy of others, but I was more concerned about that ignorant goth right now. Lazarus, the Haunter, was at her side along with a Mismagius that also looked rather smug. I was getting an unimpressive first impression from her. I then realized the kid had still been talking to me, as one of Zhen's heads was glaring at him.

"Kid, listen, I'm an adult, I don't need you giving me advice." I started quietly. "The safest place for me to be is on my own, and my name is no good to you."

It wasn't an angry tone like I was feeling, it was my calm tone, one of neutrality...neutralness, whatever the word was. I could feel Zhen getting louder in his growls, and I saw him move forward a bit, ready to lunge at the gothic girl. Honestly, I would of wanted to do the exact same thing but I wasn't that petty. I didn't let him even move a meter without using my auditory illusions powers to get him to listen.

Zhen. She isn't worth the effort.

The shiny Hydriegon stopped as soon as he started, looking back at me, then at the other girl surrounding herself in ghosts. He snarled and growled, coming back to me resentfully.

"Worse things are going to happen to a person with little regard for life and next to no decency or respect for it." I spoke out loud to him this time, still reffering directly to the gothic girl. "NEvermind the fact she continues to speak of a certain existence yet prattles on to the outsider about not getting involved when she herself won't shut up about it. Hypocritical excuse really."

My tone was my usual calm, I actually felt a bit better saying that out loud, though Zhen hadn't calmed down, he was still giving death stares to that Haunter called Lazarus. Shorai took a step forward and sparked electricity on the ground just a couple meters away from where she was standing.

"Oh, and by the way," I was speaking directly to the gothic ghost girl this time. "I wasn't tackled specifically by that Haunter as I was on my way to try and figure out who was behind this, and I was going to get this problem in the ass but some other assanine snub decided to be a pain in the ass."

Now I was feeling much better, back to my calm. No one could see my eyes behind my shades, so I looked calm the entire time. Slightly serious but calm, as my tone was ninety nine percent of the time. I ignored the pain in my shoulder, and no one could tell it was bothering me. Yeah it hurt but it would be dealth with later.

"So if anyone else feels like screwing things up, I'll be on my way."

No one who wasn't apart of this spat wouldn't hear anything, that was the benefit of sound illusion. Sure visual illusions could make us all invisible but that wasn't as practical as not being heard.
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