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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

(Warning: This chapter is both bleh and mostly filler.)

Chapter 5: Soul of Legends

Ever since the market incident, three things had been set in stone: I wasn't leaving the building I was always in, Gear would only tell me what was going on if I was advancing farther than usual to cram stuff in, and I wasn't getting back the blade Blizzard delivered until everybody was absolutely sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that there wasn't anything like a booby trap about it.

My skills at using Volteer moves had increased greatly: I could read minds, make objects move with telekinesis, make illusions with light and its absence, use darkness to evade detection, grow plants faster with life energy, and other things.

All that aside, the only other thing new was training Scyez. Scyez already proved to have Ice Punch, Quick Attack, Force Palm and Blaze Kick, but only after several scenes where people aside from Gear tried and failed to get Scyez to part from my head gracefully. She really liked my beret.

It was one day, a week after the incident at the market, however, that I saw something about Scyez I wouldn't believe.

"...Will...She...Ever...Let GO?!" Gear yelled, this time being the one to assist several other soldiers in removing Scyez from my head, who was clamped down to my head harder than any grip I'd expect from something so small.

As usual, Sycez found herself removing one appendage in order to use some kind of attack-Force Palm the face of one soldier, Blaze Kick another, Ice Punch a third-Until, at last, Gear succeeded and ripped Scyez from my cranium for the first time since I received her. She looked rather suprised. Gear was grinning, eyes closed, celebrating a victory he never thought possible.

Gear was grinning, eyes closed, celebrating a victory he never thought possible.

Scyez used a Quick Attack, suddenly breaking free of Gear's Grip, and proceeded to light her whole arm on fire to punch Gear-straight in the face. The burn mark didn't take away from Gear's surprise and confusion. Scyez then put the kind of energy usually seen when Scyez performed a Force Palm attack at her feet, kicking Gear.......Uhh.......Where it hurt.

As Gear grabbed his unfortunate crotch, Scyez leaped to my shirt, climbed back up my body, to finally come to rest at my head, Scyez's face in a smile. As I accessed Scyez's mind, I couldn't deny she was insane.

<"You're a cute pillow!"> Scyez thought.

Yhea, I was warned.

But that was nothing. Scyez eventually decided to leave my head, when I started training, for she couldn't keep a grip while I was whipping my head around to hit targets.

It was a week later, however, when I realized that there was another problem: How was I going to truly train with Scyez, other than getting her to leave my beret more willingly, and make her stronger? That's Pokemon 101, right there: Pokemon grow stronger when trained.

As with every other question I had (even some that I already knew the answers to), I asked Gear, who said I'd have time after I trained myself, first.

"I'll be frank, Avalon, you are far more dangerous than Scyez, even if she can contort the form of her attacks. You'll be turned over to an orphanage after this, sorry to say, but I think you'll find plenty of time to train Scyez there." Gear said.

I didn't like the prospect of an Orphanage, but I guess I didn't have that much say in the matter...However, I hoped to find my way out of this mess before it gets worse.

Then he came along.

He was busy the whole time I was here, unable to look into anything about me at all, including the fact that I had knocked out the three Arbiters. He was a busy man. Then again, having the role of the most powerful political job of the Volteer's Government (the Onlisk Republic) could possibly have for anyone would make anybody busy. However, he somehow squeezed in some time to see me.

...Who's this 'He?' Are you really that thick?

Avonu Voya, the President of the Onlisk Republic.

"Hello, there." Avonu said, in his stone-cold, totally emotionless voice.

I had been told about Avonu Voya in advance to this meeting: Avonu was the killer of the former High Priest of the Arbiters, which instantly won him the election. He has delivered political strength and hope to his people in these dark times. However, his resemblance to his brothers Tyzzax and Cyrus was almost astounding. Avonu stood at six-foot-seven, with an impossible to remove five-o-clock shadow and black hair, trimmed very short. The jaw had a cleft, and was rough enough to be carved out of a rock face. His suit meant business. His eyes were black and purple, an eerie mix to go with an emotionless face.

"Hello..." I said. I noticed that he was holding something. Specifically, it was the blade that Blizzard gave me.

"I came to give you this. It wasn't ever touched with any kind of trap...Considering that giving people weapons is usually reserved for people who they believe will join their ranks willingly, I assume that they think you'd be willing to join." He said.

"I thought likewise. But I decided that a check was in order." Gear said. "The Arbiters aren't people to underestimate."

"True, true." Avonu said. "I have had little time to check over the particular scenario in which you initially found him. I've guessed you knocked them out and saved him..." Avonu said.

"Not at all. I wasn't even aware of it. Avalon knocked them out, in fact. He called us, and when I heard that one was an Arbiter, I came over. Oh, and he fainted after I said 'hi.' End of story." Gear said.

"...Ah...Interesting..." Avonu said. ...Well, I have to go...I've got paperwork to do." he said, walking off.

I watched his eyes the whole time. I had a suspicion, from the very beginning, that Avonu was someone I'd keep a very sharp eye out for. I already felt uneasy. I felt like there was a traitor in my midst when he spoke.

Gear obviously learned to ignore the feeling.

"Well, I'll be! Avonu, giving you the blade? Not really something he'd do, maybe he was just coming down to check up with me." Gear said. "Regardless, the Blade's been deemed harmless and free of traps...However, it's Arbitarian in origin, so don't get your own blood on it."

"Why?" I asked, putting the blade's Sheath on my belt, which also held Scyez's Ultra Ball.

"Arbitarian weapons have a knack of destroying the continued existence of whatever the weapon comes into contact with. Either charging the blade with energy or getting the blood of one with Arbitarian energy on it is a way to activate this effect, in which the weapon should turn totally black, with black smoke coming off it. Otherwise, it's just like any other sword." Gear said. "The effect is commonly called an Arbit Burn."

Note to self: Do not cut self with blade, unless purposely trying to get blood for an energy-free Arbit Burn effect. That being said, it already looked like to use that was to commit a crime worse than killing.

I pulled the blade out of its sheath, and put it back in, and did such actions rapidly, all in an attempt to get to know how to quickly get the blade ready (Gear asked).

Then came that.

Something indigo-colored caught my eye. Nobody wore indigo in the building I saw, and I was wearing the clothes I wore the day I was found, so I looked directly at the blade, and my reflection.

I wasn't a Latios. That was the first thing I thought, for the reflection on the very polished blade was clearly reflecting me, and me alone, yet the reflection refused to show anything but a indigo-colored, six-winged Latios.

"Oh, one more thing." Gear said. "Arbitarian Weapons-or any weapon with the capability to destroy souls reflect the soul. It's a private sight, as the only soul you can see is yours." Gear said. "Henceforth...If anything's different, well, that would be the reason."

Gear was referring to me possibly wearing different clothing. Yhea, right. My soul wasn't even human. Would you faint if your soul wasn't human?

I did. Oh, and even then, I wasn't prone to fainting.

I fell flat on my face, losing consciousness fast, Gear panicking. The sword still adamantly displayed my non-human soul. The very fact seemed to be the last thing I thought.

"My soul...Isn't human..."
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